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Celebrating its 800th year anniversary, Ballintubber Abbey was founded in 1216 by King Cathal Crovderg O'Connor.  According to local folklore, Cathal spent time working in Ballintubber for a man named Sheridan.  Cathal was extremely impressed by the kindness of Sheridan, so when the king returned to Ballintubber in later years and Sheridan asked him to restore the old church, Cathal promised that he would build a new church. This church, however, was built in Roscommon instead of Ballintubber.  When Cathal realised what had happened he decided to build another larger church in Ballintubber.  In 1265 it is said that part of the Abbey burned down and wasn't rebuilt until 1270.  Cromwellian soldiers burned the Abbey in 1653, however, the church wasn't totally destroyed.  In 1846 attempts were made to restore the Abbey, however, this restoration was unsuccessful due to the famine in 1847.  It was another forty years before the Abbey's restoration was continued.  It is now planned to restore the east wing of the Abbey for its 800th year celebration. 

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