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Park Hotel, Kenmare, Kerry: Refurbishment of Cast Iron Gutters


A majestic Victorian building dating back as far as 1897, the Park Hotel Kenmare is an attractive hotel overlooking Kenmare Bay.  The Great Southern and Western Railway Company constructed the building in 1897.  It was used to provide accommodation to passengers travelling to Parknasilla, located 27 kilometers away.  In the late 1950's, more guest rooms were added to the hotel, however, tourism declined in the 1970's which resulted in the hotel closing in 1977.  In 1980 the hotel was sold and refurbished by a Swiss consortium.  The hotel was reopened in early 1980 as the Park Hotel Kenmare and successfully run by its manager, Mr Francis Brennan, television personality of the hugely popular RTE show At Your Service. In 1986 the hotel was purchased by Mr Brennan from the Swiss consortium. We had the pleasure of working with Mr Brennan in 2014 when he contacted us to complete the restoration of the hotels cast iron gutters.  Nowadays, the Park Hotel Kenmare is still a luxurious hotel with Georgian and Victorian furnishings, original oil paintings, rare antiques and thick tapestries. 

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