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Refurbishment of Cast Iron Rainwater Goods

Church Gutter RefurbishmentO’Hara Gutters Ltd is highly skilled at the refurbishment of cast iron. Each piece is handled with care and expertise to return them to their original splendour.

O’Hara Gutters Ltd uses all heritage guidelines for refurbishment of cast iron set out by the heritage councils and the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government – DOEHLG. (now the NIAH within the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht).

Cottage GutteringO’Hara Gutters has 20 years of experience within this area. All work is fully documented and all records are presented at end of a project to be included in the buildings history record.

Cast iron is a time consuming metal to weld. It cracks easily and a good quality weld is hard to obtain. O’Hara Gutters has the experience and skills to repair and weld cast iron gutters.

Gutter PaintO’Hara gutters uses high quality paint with a 20 year guarantee which has proved consistent in all weather conditions. Although traditional lead paint is no longer used due to health regulations the traditional colours of the gutters often add another dimension to the building and are retained where possible.


Gutter WeldO’Hara’s also has a capability for the design and manufacture of replacement parts where none are available commercially and historical accuracy is important.

O’Hara’s also has a store of traditional gutter profiles. Hard to get profiles can be matched with newly refurbished pieces of reclaimed gutter.

O’Hara’s is currently in the process of registering to become a heritage specialist in the field of metal work. This is monitored by the CIF.

Further information - NIAH – Irish Georgian Society - Ulster Architectural Society