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The Clarion Hotel, Sligo: Refurbishment of Cast Iron Gutters


The Clarion Hotel is a beautiful Elizabethan style building which is overlooked by Benbulben mountain.  Construction of the building was started in 1847 and took over six years to complete.  It opened in 1855 as a mental hospital known as the St Columbas Lunatic Asylum.  It housed up to 1,100 patients and during the early 1900's it was a very popular place to work in Sligo.  In 1992, after years of declining patient numbers, the asylum closed down and for the next ten years the building was left derelict.  It was then purchased by The Clarion Hotel who decided to completely reconstruct the building. We took great pride in restoring the cast iron gutters of the original structure to their former glory to keep in line with the original facade of this beautiful building.  Today, the only remaining part of the original structure is the Elizabethan facade and one interior wall. The Clarion Hotel opened in 2005. 

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